"Uncle" Rusty Priest

Two months before Pearl Harbor was bombed, I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When my daddy joined the Navy, my mother, brothers, and I moved to Wilkinson County to live with my mother’s brother, Uncle Ed Leake, a Mississippi farmer. As soon as I could walk, I was in the woods with Uncle Ed. We covered the hills and hollows of Dry Fork, hunting squirrel and duck.  At that time, if we didn’t grow it, catch it, or kill it, we didn’t eat!  I stayed outside so much that Mama Priest said I looked like a rusty nail; that’s how I got the nickname, Rusty.  I’m not telling my given name; I don’t know what my daddy was thinking!

I graduated from Woodville High School, worked pipeline, and worked for Crown Zellerback Paper Company for forty-one years.  All that time I was hunting…turkey on Devil’s Backbone with I. A. Carter and Leroy Smith; deer in the Homochitto Swamp with the Doloroso Hunting Club.  By the time I retired, Slade was grown, and we started hunting together on his family land. Slade and I are actually second cousins, but he’s always called me “Uncle Rusty.” Pretty soon, everyone on the farm and at the camp was calling me “Uncle Rusty.”

Slade started filming our hunts and posting some of them to YouTube, and these videos evolved into Trained Assassin TV.  After all these years, I still enjoy hunting as much as I did as a kid, and I’ll keep hunting with these great guys as long as they can drag me around with them!