I, unlike the other members of Trained Assassins, did not “grow up” hunting. The first time I ever even went hunting, I was 15; but I was able to learn the basic tactics of the sport and somehow was able to take a few deer during my high school years. It wasn’t until I went to college that I would realize my passion for hunting. After having a small dream of producing a hunting show, Slade and I began filming our local hunts in Mississippi.

I quickly realized that filming hunts would be a part of my hunting experience for as long as I continued with the sport. Since then, I have made working in the Outdoor Industry my full time occupation. While I still co-host Trained Assassins Tv, I spend most of my time as the Media Marketing Manager for Plano Synergy.  I feel blessed everyday to be able to do what I love for a living and hope to continue this journey for many years. Other than hunting, I spend all my spare time with my wonderful wife, Jansen, son, Wes and daughter, Lennon.